Andrea Tandy is the host of "Andrea Tandy Morning News" on MSNBC, and a minor character in seasons three and four of Veep. She is portrayed by Shari Elliker.

Season 3 Edit

When Jonah starts his news blog "Ryantology", MSNBC wants to get him on to discuss Hughes switching his abortion stance and where Selina will fall. Dan threatens him not to say anything, and when Jonah is interviewed by Andrea, he has nothing to say and is humiliated on air.

Andrea appears again in Debate, moderating the Democratic presidential debate at the University of New Hampshire.

Season 4 Edit

Andrea makes a brief appearance in Data on Easter Monday as the Medileaks scandal involving the Meyer administration and the hacked medical records of a young girl intensifies, asking if there was a coverup.

Gallery Edit

Appearances Edit

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