Bob Bradley is a recurring character in fifth season of Veep. He is portrayed by Martin Mull.

Description Edit

Bob Bradley is a political expert, who worked in the White House before, but according to Kent "left in the late eighties". It is later revealed that Bob has Alzheimer's.

Season 5 Edit

Bob is reportedly Ben's old "mentor". He is hired after the O'Brien campaign hires Whitman for the Nevada Recount, and they need someone to take charge. In The Eagle, Selina discovers that Bob has Alzheimer's, and instead of firing him (because he knows devastating private news within the administration), sends him to the basement to be the "Cyber-Security Czar".

Bob makes another appearance congratulating Selina at her mother's funeral, and congratulates Laura Montez (who he mistakes for Selina), for "winning" the Nevada recount.

Appearances Edit

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