Buddy Calhoun is the Nevada Secretary of State and Amy Brookheimer's boyfriend at the end of Season 5. He is portrayed by Matt Oberg.



Buddy is shown to find the cutthroat ruthlessness of DC politics unappealing, refusing to run an attack ad stating that the wife of his opponent was involved illicit drugs and sexual activity in college. He lives in a condo.


Calhoun was appointed as the Nevada Secretary of State under Governor Hoyt Steptoe, whom he would later run against. He mentions during a press conference in Library that he once served in the Nevada Air National Guard.

Season 5 Edit

Buddy is first introduced in Nev-AD-a, where as the Nevada Secretary of State he meets with the O'Brien and Meyer teams to discuss the rules of the recount. He has a conversation with Amy in Mother, surprised and amused by her foul language.

Buddy then reappears at the White House Congressional Ball, where he and Amy go home together. While in Nevada shortly before Inauguration day, Amy and Buddy seem to be in a relationship together.

Season 6 Edit

In the sixth season, Buddy and Amy are engaged, and Buddy is running for Nevada Governor in the 2018 elections. Amy is running his campaign. His campaign hits a major snag, however, when he is arrested for DUI, and dashcam footage of the arrest shows him sexually harassing the female cop arresting him, saying things that seem to be thinly-veiled criticisms of Amy, and eventually exposing himself to the police officer.

In the aftermath of the scandal, he appears with his fiancee Amy Brookheimer in a joint interview on CBS This Morning to apologise for his actions. During the interview, Amy lovingly says that she most enjoys spending quiet time with Buddy away from politics. After hearing this, Calhoun decides to drop out of the Nevada Governor's race to spend more time with her and further their relationship. However, Amy reveals she wasnt being serious when she made the comment in the interview, and only did so because it would distract from the controversy and help him regain popularity in the polls. She then almost immediately leaves him, and returns to go back to work for former President Selina Meyer.

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