This is the category for the main VEEP characters.  The first name that appears on the list is the actual name of the character in the show VEEP, followed by their role in the show, followed by their actual name.  

  • Selina Meyer - President of the United States - Julia Louis-Dreyfus
  • Amy Brookheimer - Former Campaign manager - Anna Chlumsky
  • Gary Walsh - President's Personal Aide - Tony Hale
  • Mike McLintock - White House Press Secretary - Matt Walsh
  • Jonah Ryan - White House Liaison to the VP's Office - Timothy Simons 
  • Dan Egan - Former Deputy Director of Communications - Reid Scott
  • Sue Wilson - Excutive Assistant to the President - Sufe Bradsaw
  • Ben Cafferty - President's Chief of Staff - Kevin Dunn
  • Kent Davison - Senior Strategist to the President - Gary Cole 

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