Charles "Charlie" Baird, Jr. is an American banker and the current United States Secretary of the Treasury, serving since January 2017 in the administration of President Laura Montez. He is a recurring character in season five of Veep. He is a banker and Selina Meyer's boyfriend. He is portrayed by John Slattery.

Description Edit

Charlie is former the CEO of "EM Wheelright", a bank he owned before its demise in December 2016. He is suave, powerful, and charming, attracting both Selina and Gary.

Season 5 Edit

Shortly after the tied election and the economic crisis, Charlie is appointed to Selina's (Tom's) banking task force. She later gets intimate with him, and finds out that he had a meeting with Bill O'Brien to discuss him being his Treasury Secretary. They continue to see each other nonetheless and he appears with her at her mother's funeral.

As the US economy continues to spiral out of control, Selina is forced to bail out either EM Wheelright (Charlie's bank) or another one. Tom suggests bailing out EM Wheelright because it is the stronger of the two. Selina decides against this and does not bail out Charlie's bank. The two break up on a Photo Op at a bookstore. This decision was made because a speech Gary gave made Selina realize what an idiot she was being.

In Inauguration, it is revealed that Charlie is being tapped for Secretary of Treasury under President Laura Montez.

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