Cliff is a minor character on Veep. He appears briefly in season two and season five.

Description Edit

Cliff is friendly, jolly, and always has a smile on his face. However, he does appear to be quite incompetent, as he accidentally schedules the Hostage rescue mission on the day of the Senate Swearing-In Ceremony.

Season 2 Edit

Cliff is hired as a replacement for Sue in Hostages. He does not get along well with Jonah. In a deleted scene, Jonah repeatedly calls Cliff "Clit", and later, as Cliff is saying goodbye to everyone, says to Jonah: "I have a funny feeling you're going to die alone, which would be a shame because I would like to be there to see it."

Season 5 Edit

In Morning After, Cliff is hired as Jonah's assistant after Selina makes Richard Jonah's boss. He makes another appearance in Nev-AD-a, helping out Jonah and Richard as they help Selina win the recount.

Appearances Edit

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