The Democratic Party is a major Political party in the United States and in Veep. It's most notable members are former President Selina Meyer, former President Stuart Hughes, and Maine Senator Tom James. The Democratic Party rivals the Republican Party, which currently holds the Presidency.

NOTE: While Veep refrains from identifying Selina's political party, very many signs point that she is a Democrat, so her party will be referred to as a Democrat until her party is revealed.

Members Edit

Electoral History Edit

2004 election Edit


Democratic primary candidates preparing for the debate; December 2015.

Blake Stewart became the party nominee, but lost disastrously, losing 49 out of 50 states in the 2004 election.

2012 election Edit

In the 2012 election, Stuart Hughes won successfully with running mate Selina Meyer.

2014 midterms Edit

In the 2014 midterms, the Democratic Party did poorly, losing a majority in the house.

2016 election Edit

President Hughes reputation was tarnished following the Uzbek Hostage Crisis and his wife's dissipating mental health, Hughes announced he would resign immediately in January 2016, and Meyer ascended to the Presidency, while still running to be President. The 2016 election ended in an historic tie, which led to a vote in the House and Senate, both of which could not produce a viable winner, until sitting Vice President Andrew Doyle broke the tie, awarding the Presidency to New Mexico Senator Laura Montez, who was running alongside Bill O'Brien, to replace Meyer as President.

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