The 2016 presidential campaign of George Maddox, the former Secretary of Defense under President Hughes, began in November 2015. Following a poor debate performance and shortly before the New Hampshire primary, the campaign was suspended in January 2016. He endorsed Danny Chung in January 2016.

Background Edit

Secretary of Defense Edit

Maddox served as Secretary of Defense under President Stuart Hughes. He was crucial in the freeing of the hostages during the Uzbek Hostage Crisis. During the hostage crisis, he went head to head with Vice President Selina Meyer.

Resignation Edit

In mid-2015, Maddox announced his resignation as Secretary of Defense, coming before Hughes announced he would not seek re-election. After a leaked photo arouses the suspicions of the press, Hughes officially announced he would not seek re-election.

In November 2015, Maddox invited Meyer to his house in Virginia, where she tried to convince him not to run by offering him a position on the ticket. Maddox, however, refused and announced his candidacy the next day.

Campaign Edit

At a campaign stop in Detroit, Maddox and Meyer had a five-second handshake. However, Maddox held Selina's shoulder as she went downstairs, looking poorly on Meyer.

At the first party debate in New Hampshire in December 2015, Maddox did poorly, coming in last place out of the five candidates. He drops out after losing the Iowa caucus to Joe Thornhill, and endorsed Danny Chung for President.

Aftermath Edit

Maddox appeared and spoke at the Party Convention in Baltimore. While there, Maddox was considered a possible running mate by Selina, but she refused after being turned off by his sense of humor.

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