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Jeff Kane
Family members
Jonah Ryan (nephew) Jonah's Mother (sister)
Played by
Peter MacNicol
Jeff Kane is the brother of Jonah's Mother and the uncle of Jonah Ryan. He is portrayed by Peter MacNicol in season five.

Description Edit

Jeff is a big political power player in the state of New Hampshire and is reported to have the senior citizen vote in his control. Personality-wise, he has an extremely short temper.

Season 3 Edit

Jeff Kane is first mentioned in Fishing, as the Meyer team learns that Jonah's Uncle controls the Senior Citizen vote in New Hampshire. He appears in New Hampshire but the actor's name wasn't listed, and is probably just an extra.

Season 5 Edit

Peter MacNicol's first appearance as Jeff comes in Thanksgiving, following the death of Representative Harry Sherman, and Jeff needs someone to run as a special election will be held December 21. He asks Jonah to run. However, on the campaign, he is increasingly bothered by Jonah. Jonah eventually wins the race and, at the celebration, Jeff says that he can get anyone elected in New Hampshire.

Quotes Edit

  • "I am the one who got us this far, you sentient enema."
  • "I could get dog shit in a condom elected."
  • "Shut your spewing mouth, you animal!"
  • "If you were just 10% less black, I could make you President."

Trivia Edit

-Actor Peter MacNicol was originally nominated for an Emmy for Guest Actor for his role as Jeff Kane, but the rules for Guest Actor stipulates that the actor must appear in less than half the episodes of the season. His appearance in Kissing Your Sister disqualified him from the Emmy race and he was replaced.

Appearances Edit

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