Judy Sherman is the widow of the late Congressman Harry Sherman and a recurring character in season five of Veep. She is portrayed by K Callan. She is also a teacher (and was Jonah Ryan's second grade teacher).

Season 5 Edit

After her husband Harry Sherman, U.S. Representative and "die-hard O'Brien supporter", dies from a Salmonella outbreak on Thanksgiving, Judy announces she would run in his place in the New Hampshire special election on December 21 against Jonah Ryan.

She appears to be kind and gentle during the campaign, but the voters seem to be more enthused with Jonah's vicious "won't-back-down" style of campaigning. After Jonah shoots himself in the foot, Judy says to the news that "Guns can be dangerous," angering the NRA, who put out ads attacking Judy. Jonah wins the Election days later.

Appearances Edit

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