Lu Chi-Jang is a Chinese politician who is the current Secretary General of the Communist Party of China, and the President of the People's Republic of China. He is portrayed by Tzi Ma.

Season 5 Edit

In The Eagle, Selina accidentally sends a tweet and blames it on recent Chinese hacking, and places sanctions on China as a result.

In Camp David, President Lu travels to Camp David in Maryland to discuss the easing of sanctions put on China as a result of cyber-espionage earlier in November. Lu discusses the possibility of freeing Tibet as a result of easing the sanctions. Selina agrees, but Lu asks her not to make this public yet, and threatens her with emails China has hacked proving she tweeted the tweet she blamed on China.

In Inauguration, after learning she won't be President, Selina wants her legacy to be the freeing of Tibet, and asks the Qatarian ambassador to speed up the negotiations with China so Tibet can be freed before Laura Montez is inaugurated. However, Tibet is freed minutes into Montez's presidency, and Dan predicts that this will put Montez in line for the Nobel peace prize.

Season 6 Edit

According to behind the scenes pictures, President Lu will return for Season 6.

Appearances Edit

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