Marjorie Palmiotti is a recurring character in season five of Veep. She is a body double for Selina and later becomes Catherine's girlfriend.

Description Edit

Marjorie is stern, direct, private, and oftentimes emotionless. She is a lesbian, but has not come out to her parents.

Season 5 Edit

The Morning After the election, Marjorie is hired as a body double and a secret service agent. Selina, however, is disappointed the Secret Service couldn't have picked someone more busty. It is revealed in C**Tgate that she and Catherine have been in a relationship, and resigns as an agent. She does not want her personal life to be public, as stated in Congressional Ball. They get into a fight in Kissing Your Sister as Marjorie doesn't reveal to her parents that she's a lesbian. She and Catherine reunite on the day of the House Vote.

Appearances Edit

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