Minna Häkkinen is the head of the International Monetary Fund and former prime minister of Finland. She hosts U.S. Vice-President Selina Meyer in the episode Helsinki, when Meyer visits the country to sign a trade agreement.

The ex-prime minister is a difficult person for Selina to read, as the two constantly mis-communicate, both due to Minna's broken English and their differing sense of humor.

Her personality to the viewer is also a bit difficult to grasp as she interacts with Selina primarily in a professional way. She seems to have a healthy sense of humor but also teases Dan and Selina past the point of good taste. She does take Selina's missteps with grace, laughing off a weak diplomatic present from Selina when Selina confuses Minna's love of eating fish for the act of fishing. In the end, Minna comes across as likeable even if a bit naive.

Minna's husband, Osmo, gropes Selina's breast during Selina's visit. It does not appear that Minna is made aware of her husband's behavior.

By Season 6, Minna considers Selina one of her closest friends, which bothers Selina, who is still put off by Minna's awkwardness. Minna tells Selina that her son attempted suicide by plunging himself into an ice hole, and now won't speak to her. Minna, who as an election monitor favors the supposedly pro-reform candidate Nikolai Genidze (Stephen Fry) to win the Georgian elections, appears to be on the outs with her husband, as she is hormonally drawn to Genizde.

Appearances Edit

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