New Hampshire Democratic primary, 2016

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Nominee Danny Chung Joe Thornhill Selina Meyer
Home state Minnesota ??? Maryland
Delegate count ??? ??? ??

The 2016 New Hampshire Democratic presidential primary took place in January 2016. As per tradition, it was the first primary and second nominating contest overall to take place in the cycle. Danny Chung defeated Selina Meyer and Joe Thornhill. It was considered a major upset, as Meyer spent a lot of time in the state and she won it in the 2012 primaries.

Debates and forums Edit

December 2015 debate at University of New Hampshire Edit

In December 2015, the Democratic Party held their first debate at the University of New Hampshire. Participants were Selina Meyer, Joe Thornhill, Danny Chung, George Maddox, and Owen Pierce.

Topics included the scandal regarding Meyer's personal trainer, whether Thornhill's record makes him qualified, and Meyer's three R's regarding immigration.

At the end of the debate, viewers said that Thornhill was the winner, followed by Chung, Meyer, Pierce, then Maddox.

The Primary Edit

After Thornhill won the Iowa caucus, Meyer, who was hoping for a win, began looking ahead to New Hampshire, a state she did very well with in 2012, and established a more "folksy" campaign style: Standing on top of a crate with a megaphone.

After an interview with a reporter included Meyer on tape calling her donors idiots and saying the reporter "has his head so far up his ass he can wave out his mouth", Meyer, prepared to end her campaign, was informed that Hughes has resigned to take care of the first lady and her declining mental health. Around this time, Maddox concedes.

Meyer, sworn in at a factory in New Hampshire, had high hopes for the upcoming primary, but was bitterly disappointed when she came in third, behind Chung and one percent behind Thornhill. After withdrawing their candidacies, Pierce and Maddox both endorsed Chung.

Despite coming in third place in the primary, Meyer won Dixville notch.

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