Penny Nickerson
Family members
Unnamed Husband
U.S. Representative from Colorado
Played by
Stephnie Weir
Penny Nickerson is a U.S. Representative from Colorado and a guest character in season five of Veep. She is portrayed by Stephnie Weir.

Season 5 Edit

Penny first appears on Air Force One with Selina, she asking for her vote in the approaching vote for President. She likes souvenirs and steals various memorabilia from places. Her husband also has cancer, but is treating it with radiation.

At the Congressional Ball, Penny is swayed by Tom (who is asking Congresspeople to abstain) and demands a bigger reward from Selina if she wants her vote. Selina then threatens her by having her administration come to her district in Colorado and "shake it to death like a Guatemalan nanny". She is last seen taking items from the Congressional Ball.

Appearances Edit

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