Peter Mitchell is the Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. He accompanies Vice President Selina Meyer during her trip to the U.K. in December 2015. He is portrayed by Darren Boyd.

Season 3 Edit

In December 2015, VP Selina Meyer goes to London for the 100th Anniversary of World War I, and attends a reception for Deputy Prime Minister Mitchell at the US ambassadors residence in London. At the party, Peter confronts Selina about rumors that the U.S. is moving the TSO conference from London to Frankfurt, but she denies that any decision's been made.

The next day, Selina arrives at the pub for her photo op along with the Deputy Prime Minister. She chats with the bar's owner but struggles to understand his thick accent. She and Peter "pull a pint" together for the cameras, and in an effort to one-up Peter, she chugs her pint. The owner calls out encouragement. "Down in one, sweetheart," which Selina mishears as "Daniwah."

At the memorial service, Mike and Ben attempt to keep Peter from knowing that Selina is discussing the TSO move with the German chancellor, but he points out that he can see the top of her ridiculous hat above the wooden partition. "So we're all perfectly comfortable standing here pretending that we can't quite clearly see the Vice President in the Lady Chapel, with the German Chancellor, finalizing a deal about the TSO?" he asks. Ben assures him he wouldn't consider it comfortable.

Selina and Peter give a press conference about the 100th anniversary of the Great War, but the reporters are far more interested in the Ray story, which blindsides Selina. In another room, the staff watches the press conference unfold in horror.

Appearances Edit

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