Richard John Splett is a campaign aide who works for Congressman Jonah Ryan, and formerly Selina Meyer. Good-natured, Splett is unfazed by the Meyer team even when they berate and insult him. Initially a temporary hire in Iowa he is brought back to help Selina's presidential campaign first working for Amy and later for Jonah. In the episode Morning After it is revealed that he has two doctorates.

Splett is portrayed by actor Sam Richardson and makes his first appearance in the Season 3 premiere Some New Beginnings where he acts as Selina's bodyman in Iowa when Gary is away at Mike's wedding.

Season 5 Edit

Richard Splett begins the season as Jonah Ryan's assistant but is quickly promoted to handle the recount in Nevada when he explains that his doctorate was in electoral procedures in the mid-west. After the recount fails he returns to the White House only to be sent to New Hampshire to aid in Jonah's congressional campaign as communications director. While there he brands Jonah as Jonah Ryan (with a star as the 'a' in Jonah) causing voters to mistakenly believe his name is Jon H. Ryan.

Season 6 Edit

Soon after Selina left office, Richard joined Selina's entourage and became her Chief of Staff.

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