Ryantology was a political news site operated by Jonah Ryan in 2015.

Background Edit

After being fired from the West Wing in mid-2015, former White House liaison Jonah Ryan created Ryantology.

Clovis acquisition Edit

In October 2015, the billion-dollar tech company of Clovis planned on spending four to six million dollars to acquire Ryantology, and offered it to Ryan over the phone. However, the same day, Clovis withdrew their offer. After this, Ryan went on to become a campaign aide for George Maddox.

Danny Chung torture rumors Edit

In October 2015, Ryantology posted a video claiming that Minnesota Governor Danny Chung tortured Iraqi's while he served in Iraq. In January 2016, these claims were proven false and traced back to Dan Egan. Egan went to Ryan to say that he got it from the web and the web can't be trusted. Ryan went on to do so, and received immense criticism for doing so.

Notable videos Edit

Veep Ryantology - Clip 100:30

Veep Ryantology - Clip 1

Veep Ryantology - Clip 200:16

Veep Ryantology - Clip 2

Appearances Edit

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