Veep Season 7 was announced on May 25, 2017. It will premiere in 2018 on HBO.

Production Edit

On May 25, 2017, it was announced that Veep would return for a seventh season.

Showrunner David Mandel said "I don’t think were going to jump ahead a year again. One of the areas that really is interesting to me is the campaigning before the campaign. I’m also fascinated about what it [would be like for Selina & Co.] to live in Iowa two years before a national election when every five minutes a different person is knocking on your door. It’s a wide-open field of people looking to run against [current President] Montez."

According to Variety on July 30, 2017: 'The next season of the show will likely be picking up in Iowa, as Mandel put it, “many, many months before the caucuses,” as Meyer starts her new campaign for the White House. He likes having the show centered on “that wonderful period when many, many people think they can be President of the United States.” Also running is Jonah Ryan, who will be a “favorite son” of New Hampshire... Amie Parnes and Jonathan Allen, the authors of the book “Shattered” about Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign, visited the “Veep” writers on Friday, Mandel confirmed. The team is looking for ways for how Meyer will deal with the prospect of doing an “autopsy” of what went wrong with her previous campaign.'

On July 10, 2017, Mandel announced on Twitter that it's the first day back in the writers room.

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