United States President Selina Meyer delivered a speech to a joint session of the 114th United States Congress in February 2016. It was not an official State of the Union address. It happened several weeks after Meyer being sworn in as President following the resignation of President Stuart Hughes.

Background Edit

A majority of the speech was written under the assumption that it would be read by Hughes during his final State of the Union address, particularly the part regarding the N620 submarine fleet. However, since he resigned at such short notice, various parts were rewritten for Meyer.

Transcript Edit

"Mr. Speaker, Mr. Vice President, members of Congress, my fellow Americans. I'd like to begin today by saying a few words. I'd like to ask for some time to think about President Hughes and the former First Lady. So let's let's take a moment to bow our heads and remember their contribution to this great nation.

God bless them. What people, what people. There are literally no words. People want to know who I am and I want to tell them so much.

The first few weeks of my presidency were about emphasizing continuity - showing that government still worked in the moment, in the here and now. I became President in an unprecedented fashion and America needed to know it was in safe hands. I think, I hope, the nation has been reassured of that fact. We achieved a cohesive and stable transition.

So today I don't want to talk about the present; I want to talk about the future. Whatever we have in store cannot be known, but given time, it can be understood. The past was once the future. The future is, I should say, unknown. It is in fact unknowable. So I'm asking you to meet me at the station and join me as we board a train bound for a place called the future, and we will be ready for that future whatever.

But now it's time to roll past the future, to move on and do so very, very quickly. When we think of what is to come, we think of our children, and when we think of our children, we think of their security. So, for the safety of our children, we will invest $60 billion in the new N620 submarine fleet. That's a further $10 billion investment in this vital and modern defense system."

Trivia Edit

-Since Ronald Reagan took office, it has been tradition that the first address to the nation for a President is not regarded as a "State of the Union" address, but rather "a speech to a joint session of Congress". This is most likely why the writers referred to Selina's speech as a "speech to the joint session" rather than a "State of the Union" address.

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