Sidney Purcell is a lobbyist and a recurring character in seasons one, two, four, and five of Veep. He is on the other party of Selina's and is an O'Brien supporter.

Season 1 Edit

Purcell makes his first appearance in Catherine, and Nicknames, criticizing Selina for appointing Chuck to the clean jobs task force.

Season 2 Edit

Purcell makes another appearance on Shutdown as Dan looks for a job after being furloughed. He also appears in Running, laughing as he hears that Selina walked through a glass door, saying he pushed someone through a glass door once and found it hilarious.

Season 4 Edit

After Dan is fired, Dan begins working for Purcell's lobbying firm. Amy later joins as well.

Season 5 Edit

In Morning After, Dan is fired by Purcell, saying he's "as useless as a 40 year old woman". It is revealed that Purcell has been working with Tom James and House Speaker Jim Marwood to get the vote in the House tied and have Tom become President and Marwood delay any future vote.

Appearances Edit

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