Sophie Brookheimer
Family members
CVS Employee

Sophie Brookheimer is the sister of Amy Brookheimer and a recurring character in seasons two, four, and five of Veep.

Description Edit

Sophie is Amy Brookheimer's sister, and they do not get along most of the time. Sophie has several children from several different men. She also works for CVS.

Season 2 Edit

Sophie makes her first appearance in Midterms and Signals as she and Amy's father is in the hospital. She also appears in a deleted scene in D.C., as Amy has lunch with her after Selina announces she's not going to be Hughes' VP again.

Season 4 Edit

Sophie makes another appearance in Storms and Pancakes, "relaxing" with Amy, before Amy leaves abruptly.

Season 5 Edit

In Nev-AD-a, Sophie goes to Nevada, but disappointed Amy is in Carson City instead of Las Vegas. She sleeps with Dan also, and keeps calling him throughout the month of November. She also appears Thanksgiving.

Appearances Edit

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