Teddy Sykes is the former Vice President's Chief of Staff and a recurring character in season four of Veep. He is portrayed by Patton Oswalt.

Season 4 Edit

Teddy is employed working for VP Andrew Doyle during the Meyer Administration. Throughout the first four episodes, he gropes Jonah's crotch repetitively, making Jonah uncomfortable. He is fired in Convention.

Season 5 Edit

Teddy makes an appearance at a Bowling Alley at a Jonah Ryan campaign stop, taunting Jonah with two balls meant to resemble Jonah's. Jonah then goes off and attacks Teddy, but due to the angle of the video camera, Jonah is mistaken for yelling at a disabled coworker.

Season 6 Edit

Teddy, along with Bill Ericsson and Jonah's Mother, is seen adjacent to the stage as Jonah announces his run for the presidency in Groundbreaking.

Appearances Edit