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Timeline of Veep, from seasons one through six.

Overview Edit

1962 Edit

Unknown Date: Gordon Eaton and Catherine Eaton get married.[1]

1962/1963 Edit

Unknown Date: Selina Eaton born to Catherine Calvert Eaton and businessman Gordon Dunn Eaton in Chevy Chase, Maryland.

1973 Edit

January 20th: Gordon Eaton takes daughter Selina Eaton to Richard Nixon's inaugural ball.[2]

1975 Edit

Unknown Date: Gary Walsh's parents get married.[3]

1978 Edit

August 5th: Gary Walsh is born.

1994 Edit

June 9th: Catherine Meyer born to Selina Meyer and Andrew Meyer.[4]

1998 Edit

November 3rd: Selina wins her first term in Congress.[5]

2000 Edit

November 7th: Selina is re-elected to Congress.

2002 Edit

November 5th: Selina is elected to the U.S. Senate.

2004 Edit

Unknown Date: Blake Stewart becomes party nominee.[6]

Unknown Date: Tom and Selina have a romantically charged night after the "Sharply Debate". Selina was wearing green shoes, but Tom decided to leave before anything romantic happened.[7]

November 2nd: Tom James elected to first term in Congress for the state of Maine; Blake Stuarts loses Presidential Election disastrously (losing 49 states).[8]

2008 Edit

Unknown Date: Tom James does the Tour De Italy.[9]

November 4th: Selina wins re-election as a Senator.

2010 Edit

November 2nd: Tom James wins re-election as Senator from Maine.[10]

Unknown Date: Ben has his third heart attack, meets Joyce (his future wife). (509) [11]

2012 Edit

Unknown Date: Selina Meyer runs for President, but comes in third in the primaries; Stuart Hughes wins party nomination; Selina Meyer becomes Stuart Hughes Vice President.[12]

November 6th: 2012 U.S. Presidential Election; Stuart Hughes and Selina Meyer win.[13]

2013 Edit

January Edit

January 20th: Stuart Hughes is sworn in as the 44th President of the United States; Selina Meyer sworn in as VP.[14]

September Edit

September: Indian Summer, Selina learns her clean jobs task force is likely to be green-lit; President Hughes visits South Africa.[15]

Fall: Selina gives an interview with Meet the Press that is misinterpreted as racist. (104); Selina announces her "Get Moving" program. (106) [16]

2014 Edit

Unknown Date: Selina campaigns for various congressmen/senators across the country in time for the upcoming Midterm Election. (201) [17]

November Edit

November 4th: 2014 U.S. Midterm Elections; Selina's party does disastrously; Roger Furlong loses gubernatorial race; Kent Davison returns to White House; Uzbek hostage crisis begins. (201) [18]

November 5th: (Early) Selina accidentally hits Kent in the face, damaging the oval office seal. Selina then does the Morning Shows.[19]

Sometime Before Thanksgiving: Selina attends a North Carolina Pig Roast. (202) [20]

November 27th: Thanksgiving Day, Selina and family has dinner with Mee-Maw. (202) [21]

December Edit

December 12th: Richard partakes in his annual Gilbert and Sullivan society show. (509) [22]

2015 Edit

January Edit

January 6th: Selina appoints the new senate; Uzbek hostage crisis ends. (203) [23]

January: Selina goes to Helsinki; News breaks that one of the hostages was a spy. (205) [24]

June Edit

June 9th: Catherine's 21st birthday is held.[25]

June 10th: Catherine, Andrew, and Selina all have dinner together.[26]

June: Government shutdown. (207) [27]

July Edit

July: Fearing impeachment, Stuart Hughes secretly reveals he's not running for re-election; Selina makes the decision she's going to run. (210) [28]

September Edit

September: Selina publishes "Some New Beginnings: Our Next American Journey"; Stuart Hughes publicly announces he will not seek the party nomination for a second term. (301) [29]

September: President Hughes reverses his stance on Abortion. (302) [30]

October Edit

October 17th: Saturday Night Live airs sketch offending Selina. (303) [31]

October 18th: Selina announces her candidacy for President. (303) [32]

October 24th: Selina appears on SNL. (303) [33]

October 27th: Selina gives a speech at Stanford.[34]

October 28th: Selina visits the Clovis Campus. (304) [35]

November Edit

November 8th: Alicia Bryce holds her "Walk to the White House".[36]

November: Selina visits Detroit. (306) [37]

December Edit

December: Selina goes to London to honor 100 years since WWI; FLOTUS attempts to take her own life (307); First primary debate; Selina changes her hair (308).[38]

2016 Edit

January Edit

January 22nd: Selina and her staff discuss how to make her more folksy, and Selina goes campaigning around on a crate.

January 23rd: Selina accidentally badmouths her donors following an interview; Stuart Hughes announces his resignation.

January 24th: Selina Meyer inaugurated as 45th President of the United States, addresses the nation wearing squeaking shoes.

January 25th: Selina travels to New Hampshire and visits a factory, where she is sworn in again as President.

January 26th: Danny Chung wins New Hampshire primary.

January 27th: Selina and her staff move officially to the West Wing.[39]

January 28th: Selina takes her mother to tour the White House. (509) [40]

February Edit

February: Selina's 33rd Day in Office, holds State Dinner for Prime Minister of Israel. (402) [41]

March Edit

March 24th: Selina gives an interview with CBS This Morning, mentioning Jennifer Graham, a nine-year-old girl with H.I.V. (403) [42]

March 25th: The staff learns of the first data breach, in which a staffer hacked the medical records of Jennifer Graham; Selina holds a rally in Towson, Maryland. (403) [43]

March 28th: Easter Egg Roll; Dan Egan fired from White House. (403) [44]

May Edit

May 3rd: Selina goes on a world peace tour, makes one final stop in Iran to free detained reporter Leon West. (404) [45]

July Edit

July: Bill O'Brien becomes party nominee at Convention, chooses Laura Montez as VP; Selina becomes party nominee at Convention, Andrew Doyle announces he's leaving the ticket in January, Tom James selected as VP; Amy resigns. (405) [46]

Late July/Early August: Selina and Tom James visit Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and Maine on Presidential Campaign; Hurricane supposed to hit North Carolina, veers south and hits Florida. (406) [47]

September Edit

September 30th: Intruder breaks into White House; Selina has night to herself with old friends. (407) [48]

October Edit

October: U.S. House votes against Families First Bill; Selina catches the flu; Data breach scandal escalates. (408) [49]

November Edit

November 8th: 2016 U.S. Presidential Election. (410) [50]

November 9th: (Early, around 2AM) CNN projects that Election is a tie (410); Day After Vote; DOW Jones experiences 4th largest drop in history; Selina addresses nation; Nevada ballot results are contested. (501) [51]

November 10th: Tom James is named economy czar; Selina holds symposium on race; Bill Ericcson arrested. (501) [52]

November 11th: Full state recount in Nevada is green-lit; Selina meets Charlie Baird. (502) [53]

November 12th: Selina learns that Charlie has ties to Bill O'Brien (502) [54]

November 13th: Selina goes on a date with Charlie. (503) [55]

November 14th: Selina does an interview for Catherine's film. (509) [56]

November 15th: Selina accidentally sends a mean tweet, blames it on the Chinese hackers.[57]

November 16th: Selina attends a Museum Gala in New York; Whitman meeting in Nevada; Bob Bradley discovered to be mentally unfit. (503) [58]

November 17th: Bob Bradley returns to the White House, Selina sends him to the basement as the "cyber security czar"; Missing ballots discovered in Nevada, recount deadline extended. (503) [59]

November 18th: Selina's mother dies, spends night at her mother's home. (504) [60]

November 19th: Selina demands that the Nevada recount be stopped. (503) [61]

November 20th: Funeral for Selina's mother; Bill O'Brien pronounced winner of Nevada recount. (504) [62]

November 21th: Dan's first day back in D.C.; Amy comes close to asking Dan out, but Dan gets a call from her sister. (509) [63]

November 23th: Presidential Turkey Pardon. (505) [64]

November 24th: Thanksgiving Day; Selina gets plastic surgery; Congressman Sherman dies; Jeff Kane asks Jonah to run for Congress in New Hampshire. (505) [65]

November 26th: Selina travels to South China Seas to give Thanksgiving food to U.S. Troops. (505) [66]

December Edit

December 9th: Dow Jones drops precipitously; Politico posts an article saying someone called Selina the c-word; Jonah Ryan focus group testing. (506) [67]

December 10th: Jonah begins trashing Selina. (506) [68]

December 11th: Photo Op: Selina's Holiday Shopping at bookstore; Charlie leaves Selina. (506) [69]

December 12th: Dow Jones up 12 points; Catherine reveals she's a lesbian, in a relationship with Marjorie; Mike catches Tom at a Korean BBQ place with Speaker Marwood and Sidney Purcell. (506) [70]

December 14th: Selina conducts a meeting discussing the Congressional Ball, Tom's meeting with Purcell, and Mike impending termination. (507) [71]

December 15th: White House Congressional Ball. (507) [72]

December 16th: Gary has couch in Green Room removed after Tom and Selina have sex on it. (509) [73]

December 19th: Selina and Meyer family go to Camp David; Selina conducts peace talks with China; Jonah shoots himself in the foot. (508) [74]

December 20th: NRA begins launching ads attacking Judy Sherman; Selina learns she could be the woman who frees Tibet. (508) [75]

December 21st: Selina signs deal with the Chinese, leaves Camp David; New Hampshire Special Congressional Election, Jonah Ryan elected congressman. (508) [76]

December 22th: Catherine goes to Marjorie's parents home at the Chippewa-Cree Reservation in Montana. They subsequently get into a fight. (509) [77]

December 26th: Selina films an interview for Catherine's documentary, consoles a heart broken Catherine. (509) [78]

December 28th: Mike accidentally walks in on an interview with Selina and Mike's replacement. (509) [79]

2017 Edit

January Edit

January 2nd: Swearing in of the 115th U.S. Congress. (509) [80]

January 3rd: Congress votes on President, no candidate receives a majority of votes, vote to go to Senate. (509) [81]

January 4th: Tom offers Selina the role of Vice President; She accepts. (510) [82]

January 5th: Senate votes on Vice President, Laura Montez wins after promising Andrew Doyle Secretary of State. (510) [83]

January 19th: Selina's last night as President; bonds with Richard. (510) [84]

January 20th: Laura Montez inaugurated as the 46th President of the United States. (510) [85]

February Edit

February: Ben goes to Disney World with his wife. (510) [86]

2018 Edit

January Edit

January 3rd: Selina does her first post-election interview and announces the "Meyer Fund for Adult Literacy and AIDS".

January 4th: Selina secretly announces her run in the 2020 presidential election, but ultimately decides against it.

January 8th: Selina and Gary take a coach flight to Omaha.

February Edit

February 3rd: Selina visits Smith College.

February 4th: Selina and Andrew attend a fundraiser for her library. Selina hears inappropriate texts from her portraitist.

February 5th: Protests erupt on the Smith College campus regarding the firing of Selina's portraitist.

March Edit

March 5th: Selina attends the funeral of Justice Tenney.

March 6th: Selina and Gary have a heart attack.

March 7th: President Montez makes a statement regarding the newly vacant Supreme Court seat, Selina thinks she may be considered.

March 11th: Daylight Savings.

March 12th: Jonah is late to a meeting due to Daylight Savings; Selina meets with Barbara Hallowes to be formally considered for the vacant Supreme Court seat.

March 13th: President Montez nominates Stuart Hughes for the vacant Supreme Court seat.

April Edit

Sometime between April 15th - 22nd: National Volunteer Week, Selina makes an appearance at a school in Tampa.

May/June Edit

Late May/Early June: Selina visits Qatar; The G7 summit is held, and President Montez afterwards visits Juba, South Sudan.

July Edit

July 8th: Selina and Mike discuss her book with her publisher.

July 9th: At the Brownstone, Selina and Mike sit down to write the book, where Selina reveals that she and Tom James had sex while she was in office.

July 10th: Selina visits Tom James at Jamestown Capital. He asks her not to publish that they had sex in her book.

July 11th: A meeting on raising the debt ceiling is held in the Oval Office.

July 12th: In an interview with CBS, Tom James reveals that he and Selina had sex. That night, Selina contemplates not going to the portrait unveiling tomorrow.

July 13th: In a rebellion led by Jonah, due to a lack of votes to raise the debt ceiling, the United States Government shuts down; Selina's portrait unveiling is held.

August Edit

August 4th: Selina and her team arrive in Alabama.

August 5th: Gary's birthday is held.

August 6th: The government shutdown ends.

September/October Edit

September/October: Selina's book is published.

2019 Edit

January Edit

January: Catherine's child is born; Selina decides she will run for President again.

References Edit

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