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Selina Meyer, 45th President of the United States.

The presidency of Selina Meyer began in January 2016, when Selina Meyer was inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States, and ended on January 20, 2017 when Laura Montez was inaugurated as the nation's 46th President, a span of 12 months. Prior to this she was the 48th Vice President of the United States, serving from 2013 until President Stuart Hughes' resignation in 2016. She is the second person to have served as both Vice President and President of the United States without being elected to either office, the first being Gerald Ford.

2016 Edit

January - February Edit

  • January ??th: Stuart Hughes announces his resignation.
  • January ??th: Selina is sworn in as the 45th President of the United States, addresses the nation wearing squeaking shoes.
  • January ??th: Selina travels to New Hampshire and visits a factory, where she is sworn in again as President.
  • January ??th: Danny Chung wins New Hampshire primary, Selina comes in third.
  • January ??th: Selina and her staff move officially to the West Wing.
  • January 28th: Selina takes her mother to tour the White House.
  • February ??th: Selina has a meeting with the Joint Chiefs to discuss further cuts to the military budget.
  • February ??th: Selina delivers her first speech to a joint session of Congress.
  • February ??th: Selina's 33rd Day in Office, holds a State Dinner for the Prime Minister of Israel.

March - May Edit

  • March 24th: Selina gives an interview with CBS This Morning, mentioning Jennifer Graham, a nine-year-old girl with H.I.V.
  • March 25th: Beginning of the Medileaks scandal; The staff learns of the first data breach, in which a staffer hacked the medical records of Jennifer Graham; Selina holds a rally in Towson, Maryland.
  • March 28th: Easter Egg Roll; Dan Egan fired from White House.
  • May 3rd: Selina, on her world peace tour, makes one final stop in Iran to free detained reporter Leon West.

July - September Edit

  • July ??th: At the Party Convention, Selina becomes the party nominee, Andrew Doyle announces he's leaving the ticket in January, Tom James selected as VP.
  • Late July/Early August: Selina and Tom James visit Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and Maine on Presidential Campaign; Hurricane supposed to hit North Carolina, veers south and hits Florida.
  • September 30th: An Intruder breaks into White House; Selina has night to herself with old friends.

October - November Edit

  • October ??th: U.S. House votes against Families First Bill; Selina catches the flu; Data breach scandal escalates.
  • November 8th: 2016 presidential election.
  • November 9th: (Early, around 2AM) CNN projects that Election is a tie (410); Day After Vote; DOW Jones experiences 4th largest drop in history; Selina addresses nation; Nevada ballot results are contested.
  • November 10th: Tom James is named economy czar; Selina holds symposium on race; Bill Ericcson arrested.
  • November 11th: Full state recount in Nevada is green-lit; Selina meets Charlie Baird.
  • November 12th: Selina learns that Charlie has ties to Bill O'Brien.
  • November 13th: Selina goes on a date with Charlie.
  • November 14th: Selina does an interview for Catherine's film.
  • November 15th: Selina accidentally sends a mean tweet, blames it on the Chinese hackers.
  • November 16th: Selina attends a Museum Gala in New York; Whitman meeting in Nevada; Bob Bradley discovered to be mentally unfit.
  • November 17th: Bob Bradley returns to the White House, Selina sends him to the basement as the "cyber security czar"; Missing ballots discovered in Nevada, recount deadline extended.
  • November 18th: Selina's mother dies, spends night at her mother's home.
  • November 19th: Selina demands that the Nevada recount be stopped.
  • November 20th: Funeral for Selina's mother; Bill O'Brien pronounced winner of Nevada recount.
  • November 21th: Dan's first day back in D.C.; Amy comes close to asking Dan out, but Dan gets a call from her sister.
  • November 23th: Presidential Turkey Pardon.
  • November 24th: Thanksgiving Day; Selina gets plastic surgery; Congressman Sherman dies; Jeff Kane asks Jonah to run for Congress in New Hampshire.
  • November 26th: Selina travels to South China Seas to give Thanksgiving food to U.S. Troops.

December Edit

  • December 9th: Dow Jones drops precipitously; Politico posts an article saying someone called Selina the c-word; Jonah Ryan focus group testing.
  • December 10th: Jonah begins trashing Selina.
  • December 11th: Photo Op: Selina's Holiday Shopping at bookstore; Charlie leaves Selina.
  • December 12th: Dow Jones up 12 points; Catherine reveals she's a lesbian, in a relationship with Marjorie; Mike catches Tom at a Korean BBQ place with Speaker Marwood and Sidney Purcell.
  • December 14th: Selina conducts a meeting discussing the Congressional Ball, Tom's meeting with Purcell, and Mike impending termination.
  • December 15th: White House Congressional Ball.
  • December 16th: Gary has couch in Green Room removed after Tom and Selina have sex on it.
  • December 19th: Selina and Meyer family go to Camp David; Selina conducts peace talks with China; Jonah shoots himself in the foot.
  • December 20th: NRA begins launching ads attacking Judy Sherman; Selina learns she could be the woman who frees Tibet.
  • December 21st: Selina signs deal with the Chinese, leaves Camp David; New Hampshire Special Congressional Election, Jonah Ryan elected congressman.
  • December 22th: Catherine goes to Marjorie's parents home at the Chippewa-Cree Reservation in Montana. They subsequently get into a fight.
  • December 26th: Selina films an interview for Catherine's documentary, consoles a heart broken Catherine.
  • December 28th: Mike accidentally walks in on an interview with Selina and Mike's replacement.

2017 Edit

  • January 3rd: Congress votes on President, no candidate receives a majority of votes, vote to go to Senate.
  • January 4th: Tom offers Selina the role of Vice President; She accepts.
  • January 5th: Senate votes on Vice President, Laura Montez wins after promising Andrew Doyle Secretary of State.
  • January 19th: Selina's last night as President and bonds with Richard.
  • January 20th: Laura Montez is inaugurated as the 46th President of the United States.

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