Thomas James is an American politician who served as a U.S. Senator from Maine for two terms. James was elected to the Senate in 2001 and was the nominee for his party for Vice President of the United States in the 2016 election.

James currently is the C.E.O. of Jamestown Capital.

He is a member of the Democratic Party. James is portrayed by actor Hugh Laurie and makes his first appearance in Convention.

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James has a reputation for being straightforward and honest but is willing to bend the rules in order to obtain what he wants. James does have several unpopular opinions such as believing that a spree shooter who turns out to be an ex-Marine is a victim as well, a view he accidentally lets slip to public backlash. He also believes in the legalization of all drugs though he is careful to keep this opinion to himself in order to maintain his political career.

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James has one son who was a war hero who was injured overseas and suffered some sort of spinal injury. At the time when Selina asks him to join her on the ticket as her vice-president he is returning to politics after a four-year absence, presumably time he took off to take care of his son.

He entered politics approximately 12 years earlier in 2004 as Selina mentions that she and James spent time together during his first term in congress when they very nearly slept together, something James initially claims to not remember.

Season 4 Edit

James makes his first appearance at the 2016 Party Convention. Amy Brookheimer is the first to suggest him as Selina Meyer's VP pick after Doyle leaves, in response to O'Brien picking a Latina as his VP. Selina is reluctant to choose him leading to Amy's nervous breakdown and resignation as campaign manager. Selina does eventually ask James to join her and he accepts.


James at a town hall event, September 2016.

Selina later reveals that the reason she was reluctant to pick James was because they almost slept together twelve years earlier and she believes there is sexual tension between them, something James seems unaware of. James however proves a popular and well-liked running-mate causing Selina to get jealous.

Despite his easy-going persona, James shows hints of being a ruthless politician. He encourages Ben to destroy Selina's unpopular Families First Bill so that they can win the election and later lies about his level of knowledge in Testimony.

On the night of the election, he comforts Selina when she wonders whether she'll win the election, but when it looks more likely that she will win he tries to use his status within the campaign to secure roles as Treasury Secretary which Selina is vehemently against. After a tied election reveals that there is a possibility he could become president, he disregards Selina and goes to speak to the crowds at her rally. He later asks her to be his Vice President if he does become president.

Season 5 Edit

Following the tied election, James and Selina's relationship becomes more adversarial. In order to make him less popular with the public Selina names him Economy Czar and tasks him with dealing with the struggling economy. Despite not wanting the role James does take his job seriously. In C**Tgate, James tries to persuade Selina to bail out the bank belonging to her CEO boyfriend Charlie Baird, despite the fact that it will be political suicide, as it is the right move for the country. He is ultimately unsuccessful.


James at the White House Congressional Ball; December 15, 2016.

In Congressional Ball, it is revealed that James has been working behind the scenes in order to manipulate congressmen to abstain from voting, something that could ensure that he becomes president. When Selina confronts him he inadvertently admits that he was jealous of Selina's ex-boyfriend Charlie Baird and when pushed reveals that he does remember almost having sex with Selina twelve years earlier. After a heated argument he and Selina have sex.

In Kissing Your Sister, it is revealed that James was successful in getting enough congressman to abstain from voting to push the vote to the Senate, a plan that may have been put into action due to his anger over Selina making him Economy Czar. In footage from Catherine Meyer's documentary, it is shown he also colluded with Speaker Jim Marwood and Sidney Purcell with such plans. However, in Inauguration, after he and Selina broker a deal in which she becomes vice president, the senate votes for Laura Montez making her president, something engineered by Andrew Doyle. He is last seen saying goodbye to Selina after Montez's swearing-in ceremony, telling her that he plans to start a billion dollar hedge-fund.

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In Blurb, about a year and a half after Laura Montez's inauguration, Selina visits Tom, who is now the C.E.O. of Jamestown Capital.

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