The White House Chief of Staff is the highest-ranking employee of the White House. The position is a modern successor to the earlier role of the president's private secretary. The role was formalized as the assistant to the president in 1946 and acquired its current name in 1961.

The Chief of Staff is appointed by and serves at the pleasure of the president; it does not require Senate confirmation.

Candi Caruso is the current White House Chief of Staff.

History Edit

The duties of the White House chief of staff vary greatly from one administration to another, and in fact, there is no legal requirement that the president even fill the position. However, since at least 1979, all presidents have found the need for a chief of staff, who typically oversees the actions of the White House staff, manages the president's schedule, and decides who is allowed to meet with the president. Because of these duties, the chief of staff has at various times been labeled "The Gatekeeper", or "the power behind the throne".

Originally, the duties now performed by the chief of staff belonged to the president's private secretary and were fulfilled by crucial confidants and advisers such as George B. Cortelyou, Joseph Tumulty, and Louis McHenry Howe to Presidents Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, and Franklin Roosevelt, respectively. The private secretary served as the president's de facto chief aide in a role that combined personal and professional assignments of highly delicate and demanding natures, requiring great skill and discretion. The job of gatekeeper and overseeing the president's schedule was separately delegated to the appointments secretary, as with FDR's aide Edwin "Pa" Watson.

Recent White House Chiefs of Staff Edit

Chief of Staff Term of office Party President
Screen Shot 2017-01-04 at 11.07.38 PM
Ben Cafferty January 20, 2013 - January 20, 2017 Democratic Stuart Hughes

(2013 - 2016)

Selina Meyer

(2016 - 2017)

Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 6.53.20 PM
Candi Caruso January 20, 2017 - present Republican Laura Montez

(2017 - present)

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